Dubai has now became one of the most visited and loved place for the tourists and visitors. The main reasons are its charm for amazing malls, high building, extreme cars and a lot of entertainment and living facilities. In initial years, the man economic power for Dubai was its Natural Oil and gas but now Dubai is enlightened due to trade and sales. It has become the most favorite place to visit in whole world.

Now below given are most loved places in Dubai. Keep these names in mind and must try to visit these places if ever got a chance to go to Dubai.

1.     Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is the world highest building so is at the top of favorites of visitors. The best experience for you can be that view from the top. There are different multi-media entertainment facilities on each floor. The world’s highest Mosque is also present in this. It is an attraction for the visitors from all over the world and is like a pride for Dubai.

2.     Burj Al Arab:

Burl Al Arab is also one of the prides for Dubai. It is actually a seven Star Hotel. Its building is designed such that it looks like a billowing ship. Before Burj Khalifa, it was an ambassador for Dubai city. But still a Dubai trip cannot be completed without seeing or visiting this wonder.

3.     Dubai Fountains:

Dubai fountain are one of the largest fountains that looks like dancing and are a cause of lots of attractions for visitors. These lie on the base Burj Khalifa. They dance everyday on some specific songs and can reach a height of about equivalent to 50-storey building.

4.     Atlantis Hotel:

This is a huge and eye-catching resort in Dubai. It is situated on the Palm that is an amazing man-made island. It is a part of 5 star hotels and provides relaxing facilities to couples as well as for the families.

5.     Global Village:

Global village is one of the best places in Dubai to promote culture. Millions of visitors come and enjoy different facilities like handicrafts, delicious cuisines and amazing live performances.

These were the top 5 places in Dubai that most people loved and told them to be the most favorite places. Try to share these with others so that they can completely enjoy their trip to one of the best places on earth.

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