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The Word ANQA means Phoenix. This Bird is known for its Mystical Healing Powers and strength, also known as the Fire Bird.The revival of Dubai Real Estate Market has been our concept behind the name. Dubai has reappeared from the ashes and now is a booming real estate market in the Middle East and around the world.We take Dubai Real Estate as ANQA (Phoenix), "Re-born from Ashes" "Mystical Powers" "Healing the countries economy". Now open to all the investors who have interest in Dubai.
A 0107, Floor P3, Empire Heights Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone. +971-56-1795505
Fax.      +971-4-352-2282
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To speak with Anqa Real Estate support about listings or other concerns, please call +971-4-352-2202, or Fax +971-4-352-2282.